Polyhistor’s President Peter Schönning Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you’re brainstorming your next big idea or gearing up for production, you probably have a lot of questions. Here at Polyhistor, we love questions because we’re obsessed with problem-solving

Keep reading to learn how Polyhistor can give life to your creative concept from our friendly machine shop in Jacksonville, Florida.

12 Manufacturing FAQs—Answered

1. How much will my parts cost?

We know you have high standards for your project’s quality and profitability, and we’re committed to delivering on both.

Use our simple online quoting tool to upload your design files and request a quote, and we’ll give you a detailed price breakdown. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can build your quote.

If you’ve dreamed up a big job and want a rough estimate or “Rough Order of Magnitude” (ROM), you’ll want to include these key details in your RFQ:

  • Design envelope
  • Material type
  • Finishing operations
  • Overview of significant part features
  • Integrations such as electrical connections and their approximate locations
  • Insight into the part’s or product’s application

Regardless of your job’s complexity, we are proud to offer comprehensive product development and manufacturing solutions at competitive prices.

2. Is my intellectual property secure with Polyhistor?

Are you worried about revealing confidential project details to our team? Don’t stress; just give us a call, and we’ll sign our standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you begin the quoting process.

Even our RFQ platform is NDA- and ITAR-compliant! With years of product development under our belts, we’ve earned a spotless track record for protecting our customers’ IP.  

3. Do you have any cost-cutting design tips?

There are many ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. Designing with manufacturing and assembly in mind will help you reduce or eliminate features that increase costs and lead times.

When you’re still in the design phase, it’s best to avoid features that are difficult to machine, unnecessarily challenging materials, and process gaps caused by involving too many manufacturing partners—to name a few common considerations.

Explore our blog to find our top Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tips, then get even more money-saving solutions in our free Design for Assembly (DFA) eBook!

4. Can someone at Polyhistor help me improve my design?

Absolutely! Our team is happy to evaluate your design for elements that will weigh too heavily on your wallet.

Unlike most manufacturing and engineering companies in Florida, Polyhistor offers product design services and can assist you by optimizing your design for manufacturing.

5. Can Polyhistor help me find the best solution to my problem?

Sometimes you have a brilliant idea, but you need support fine-tuning the details. The Polyhistor team can suggest DFM improvements—or even completely redesign your product.

We’re also experts at developing “bonus” solutions to complement an existing solution. If you’re seeking a patent, you can include these supplementary solutions in your patent application, thereby strengthening your case. 

6. Does Polyhistor offer research and development services?

If you’ve identified a problem but can’t pinpoint the solution, you may need research and development (R&D). Great news: Polyhistor can lead R&D for you!

However, it’s important to remember that R&D doesn’t guarantee a satisfactory outcome. Not every problem is easily solvable, and some simply can’t be solved at all. Results from R&D can range from “million-dollar answer” to “inescapable rabbit hole of doom.”

We’ll collaborate with you to develop an intelligent R&D strategy that answers your questions and outlines your options without wasting time or resources.

7. Is electrical engineering one of your service options?

Whether you’re selling refrigerators in Japan or navigation equipment here in Jacksonville, engineering services are a must-have piece of any manufacturing puzzle. We can handle your product’s total production cycle at Polyhistor, complete with electrical components.

8. How quickly can Polyhistor finish my order?

We consider multiple factors when determining turnaround time, including the project’s complexity, the order volume, and our shop’s current workload. Since every job is unique and each customer’s needs are different, we don’t publish one-size-fits-all lead times.

Our rule of thumb is: the sooner you place your order, the better!

9. Can I get my manufacturing order expedited?

It’s easy to request an expedited turnaround on your order. Simply select the “expedite” option when requesting a quote, and our estimators will generate your custom quote accordingly.

We can also coordinate with you to fulfill your order in stages. Ask us how Polyhistor can make a percentage of your parts right away, then fit the remainder of your order into our queue.

Finally, we encourage you to support an accelerated lead time by adopting best practices such as comprehensive prototyping, material pre-orders, streamlined communication, and fast approvals. 

10. Can you handle high-volume orders?

Are you frantically seeking a source for a bazillion thingamabobs? Alas, we don’t count to a bazillion. But we are set up to run prototypes and production volumes in the tens of thousands.

Though most of our customers purchase fully designed products in quantities of 10-100 pieces, we’re honored to serve many high-volume customers who regularly order thousands of parts at a time.

11. I’m ready to work with Polyhistor! What design file types do you accept?

Our team welcomes 3D models, 2D drawings, and the occasional napkin sketch from customers in the beginning stages of product design. If you’re eager to get an order into production quickly, we recommend that you provide both a drawing and a model.

12. What can I expect from my experience with Polyhistor?

Communication is a foundational principle here at Polyhistor. Throughout each step of the product design and manufacturing process, we maintain a collaborative relationship with every customer to ensure their vision is satisfied.

We promise to communicate thoroughly and quickly, whether we’re celebrating a big win or facing an unanticipated challenge. When you work with Polyhistor, you can expect frequent meetings, updates, and questions if ever we’re unsure of your intent.

By prioritizing a synergetic environment, we ensure efficiency, quality, and plain ol’ good feelings when you work with Polyhistor.

We love what we do. You’ll love it, too.

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