Product Development

Napkin sketches are always welcome! Polyhistor uses your ideas and company’s identity to develop products that successfully meets the needs you and your end-user. We will turn your product and branding ideas into tangible products. At Polyhistor we not only consider form, fit, and function, but also cost, color, shape, feel, and texture.

Our main design tool is SolidWorks, which is the leading software for 3D CAD and mechanical design. We always use the latest software versions and employ industry best-practices, proven methodologies, and cutting-edge technology to keep our projects future-proof and scalable.

Do you need a new product, or an improved or updated design?  Polyhistor generates ideas, develops concepts, and performs testing to accelerate market introduction and reduced costs.

The typical Polyhistor design process:

  • Initial Idea and napkin sketches
    • The Napkin Sketch – From thought to paper. The napkin sketch allows you to represent the basic components of your idea. More often than not the models we design, create, and produce are the manifestations of a simple drawing.
  • Conceptual 2D Sketches and Industrial Design
    • Concept Sketching – 2D concept sketches used for investigating the appearance and visual impact of ideas such as aspects of configuration, geometric proportion, layout, mechanism, and scale.
  • 3D and CAD modeling
    • Product Design – Take your 2d sketches and have them turned into 3D models, which can be viewed from many different angles.
  • Prototype Learn more
    • Prototyping is the process of fabricating a real scale model of your 3d model. Click HERE to learn more about our prototyping services!
  • Low Rate Initial Production
    • Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP for short) – This is the first part of production and deployment. This is the initial phase of small-quantity production.
  • Production Learn more
    • Final Production – Our goal is to deliver “turn-key” solutions to our customers. Click HERE to learn more about our manufacturing services or contact us today to discuss your cost goals and delivery schedules.

Polyhistor experience includes, but is not limited to the following industries:

  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Automotive Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Products
  • Lighting Products
  • Signage (Fiber Optic and LED)
  • Exercise Equipment