3D Printed Custom Fixtures: A Low-Cost Solution for Prototypes and Low-Volume Parts

Fixtures are essential to every CNC machine shop’s manufacturing processes. But when parts require custom fixtures, those fixtures can be expensive to make in-house and even more expensive to purchase from an outside supplier.  So how does Polyhistor manage the hundreds of custom fixtures we need each year for our customers’ prototypes and low-volume parts? […]


Important Considerations for Plastic Machining Services

Let’s assess how to go about selecting a plastic for your part and examine the factors engineers should consider during the design process. Selecting a Plastic for Your Part  Not all plastics are created equal, so you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of common plastics before determining which material is best suited for your […]


Enhance Your CNC Machined Parts with In-House Laser Engraving Services

Would you like your CNC machined parts engraved or etched with serial numbers, part markings, or even your company logo? Add laser engraving services to your next CNC machining order! Polyhistor’s Jacksonville, Florida facility provides in-house CO2 laser engraving and fiber laser engraving, giving you access to affordable laser engraving services for everything from individual […]


Polyhistor’s Customer-Centric Approach to Manufacturing

What sets Polyhistor apart from most job shops? Our custom manufacturing experts are also engineers. This distinction means you benefit from highly skilled professionals who approach every prototype, part, and product through an engineering lens. We’re adept at identifying design issues, brainstorming solutions, and recommending modifications. Made by Manufacturers, Optimized by Engineers Here’s how Polyhistor’s […]


Quick-Turn Precision Machining: How We Set You up for Success

If you were a fly on the wall at Polyhistor, you’d hear engineers and machinists on our team regularly discussing how to manufacture customers’ parts.  These interactions may be commonplace at our shop, but in the manufacturing world at large, they’re somewhat of an anomaly. All too often, customers are left to act as the […]


6 Precision Machining Challenges SOLVED with Smart DFM

Want to ensure a smooth manufacturing process the next time you request a quote?  Avoid common precision machining challenges by carefully designing your part, product, or prototype according to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) best practices.  Read on to learn Polyhistor’s tips for getting a top-quality product at the best possible price.  Polyhistor’s DFM Tips for […]


7 FAQs Product Developers Have about Patents

Are you considering a patent for a product you’re developing? Polyhistor collaborates with many product developers to optimize patent-worthy concepts and creations, from prototype to production.  From our unique vantage as custom manufacturing experts, we’ve watched countless product developers suffer the fallout of a poor patent strategy—or none at all! Before you push your next […]


4 Best Practices for Developing Electromechanical Assemblies

Does your next project require electrical engineering, prototyping for electrical components, or electromechanical assembly? With Polyhistor’s advanced product engineering services, your ideas come alive as tangible, superior-quality products. While nothing in the manufacturing world is truly simple, electromechanical parts and products introduce a unique layer of complexity to precision machining. Electromechanical prototypes, for example, tend […]

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Polyhistor’s President Peter Schönning Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re brainstorming your next big idea or gearing up for production, you probably have a lot of questions. Here at Polyhistor, we love questions because we’re obsessed with problem-solving!  Keep reading to learn how Polyhistor can give life to your creative concept from our friendly machine shop in Jacksonville, Florida. 12 Manufacturing FAQs—Answered 1. […]


Go to Market Fast with Polyhistor’s Full-Service Product Development Services

You have a brilliant product idea, and you’re eager to bring it to life! Instead of outsourcing product design and prototype development to separate vendors, partner with a contract manufacturing services provider that offers a full spectrum of in-house services.  When the entrepreneurs Daniel Sheppard and Andy Thomas went in search of a full-service product […]

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