Go to Market Fast with Polyhistor’s Full-Service Product Development Services

You have a brilliant product idea, and you’re eager to bring it to life! Instead of outsourcing product design and prototype development to separate vendors, partner with a contract manufacturing services provider that offers a full spectrum of in-house services

Product development

When the entrepreneurs Daniel Sheppard and Andy Thomas went in search of a full-service product development solution, they chose Polyhistor’s expert team to help make their Kettle Gryp concept a reality. 

From design to development, Dan and Andy’s Polyhistor experience eventually led them to the Shark Tank stage, where the duo delivered a memorable presentation in front of the show’s famously skeptical judges and national audience.

Let’s explore how Polyhistor’s one-stop shop has helped high tech companies, product developers and creators accelerate their go-to-market strategies across the finish line since 1999.

Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

At Polyhistor, our proficient team offers an impressive array of manufacturing solutions, leveraging precision machining and 3D printing to provide comprehensive product development and contract manufacturing services. Adopting a “project manager” role, we guide our valued customers toward high-sales success, from ideation to prototype—and, eventually, production.

Whether you’ve already built a physical prototype or you’re still stuck in napkin-sketch purgatory, Polyhistor’s complete prototype services are at your disposal. 

Even the most meticulous prototype needs some level of fine-tuning before it can advance to the next stage. So when you bring your concept to Polyhistor, our team gets to work on product design services that:

  • Maximize the product’s functionality
  • Augment the tangible form and “feel” of your product
  • Adapt your product’s size or weight for an optimal user experience
product development

With in-house 3D printing services that allow for rapid prototyping, you’ll quickly have an impactful working prototype in hand. And since our designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts all work under the same roof, you’re assured that product design iterations optimized for assembly from day one. You’ll never lose valuable production time to communication challenges or geographic limitations between a design house and a manufacturer. 

In fact, we’re honored to save you the stress of playing the middleman. Instead of managing multiple vendors, you can stay connected with each step of Polyhistor’s full-service manufacturing process without the burden of unnecessary administrative work.

Product Development in Action

As each product development milestone is achieved, you’ll have full insight into our team’s discoveries, including the results of our industry-standard product testing.

When appropriate, we perform vibration testing to evaluate your product’s structural integrity and longevity. And if needed, we measure your product’s high-temperature resistance and material deterioration using heat testing. 

Following each iteration of your product, we can use market testing and consumer data to identify your target audience’s preferences, from aesthetics to performance. Every insight is taken into consideration so that your finished product will best serve your target audience. Not only does this feedback become invaluable when it’s time to market your product, but it also guides every aspect of product design and development along the way.

Because Polyhistor is fully staffed for complete product development services, we can quickly coordinate post-research design revisions and perform cost recalculations.

Though revisions are inevitable, our turnkey operation means fewer—and faster—iterations. And when your product design team does advise a change to your product, we can implement real-time adjustments quickly, communicate efficiently, and prompt production changes with minimal impact on your timeline.

This interconnectedness has forged Polyhistor’s reputation as one of committed accountability. Our culture is collectively purpose-driven to bring your product to market with irrefutable quality and impressive speed. 

After all, if we do our job right, you might just wind up on Shark Tank.

Let Polyhistor turn your pitch into a real-life product. Request a quote to work with us.