5 Reasons Polyhistor Is a Great Place to Work

With people as incredible as ours, a small precision machine shop can deliver BIG solutions. 

Polyhistor International is responsible for transforming customers’ innovative ideas into successful products—a task that isn’t possible without brilliant product development, engineering, and manufacturing experts like you on our team. 

Interested in joining us? Take a look at what makes Polyhistor a great place to work.

Work at Polyhistor

Why Work at Our Precision Machine Shop 

Here’s what to expect when you’re part of our precision machine shop: 

1. Integrity is our lifeblood

We’re serious about doing the right thing, even when—no, especially when one is watching. 

At Polyhistor, integrity means telling the truth with clarity and kindness. It means proactively righting wrongs before they can cause further harm. And it means treating each other, our customers, and ourselves with respect and dignity. 

2. Cultivating creativity

Solving manufacturing challenges through creative and innovative thinking is what we’re known for—and we can’t do it without creative people. Of course, creative people need a certain level of excitement to keep them happy—not a stagnant role that has them bogged down in monotonous tasks.

So that your brilliant brain can do what it does best, we cultivate creativity through these two principles:

  • The big picture is the only picture. Each team member has the opportunity to engage in the full development cycle of every product they touch. “The big picture” isn’t a corporate catch-phrase at Polyhistor; it’s a way of life. From conception to completion, every project belongs to all of us. This interconnected approach keeps our goals aligned throughout the inherent pivots of product development.
  • Every voice matters. We maintain an “all ears” attitude, meaning everyone’s voice gets heard, and every idea is considered worthy. There is no unwelcome insight or silly suggestion. We encourage curiosity and welcome innovative ideas, so don’t hold back. This precision machine shop is judgment-free, 24/7.

3. Quality you can brag about

We take pride in our work, which makes us proud to work at Polyhistor.

You’ll find our work in medical equipment, defense systems, lighting designs, eye-catching signage, automotive innovations, and countless consumer products. With so many people impacted (and lives saved!) by the products we make, quality is essential. 

Balancing quality and cost for a diverse array of customer industries isn’t always easy. But we tackle this challenge like any other: with integrity, creativity, and a good old-fashioned happy hour.

4. Career growth

We’re perpetually curious, and we’re guessing you are, too! That’s great, because our people are passionate advocates for on-the-job and external training. If you want to learn a new capability or technique—like 3D printing or ceramic machining—tell us, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

As Polyhistor grows, we want our people to grow with us. Whether you aim to elevate your existing skills through continued education or cross-train into a new career opportunity, we’re here to help you find fulfillment on your chosen path. 

5. Paying it forward

Our precision machine shop evolved into the successful business it is today thanks to hard work, but we also had plenty of helping hands along the way. 

We’re honored to share our success by offering internships to area tech and engineering school students. Individuals who intern with Polyhistor can earn credit hours toward approved programs, practice their skills in a real-world work environment, and benefit from the extensive experience of our in-house experts.

Small Company, Big Impact

Customers hire Polyhistor for everything from product development services to 3D printing to CNC machining. They stick with us for our quality of work and our people. 

If you’re hungry to make a big impact in a small precision machine shop, have a look at our careers page. We can’t wait to welcome you!