5 Reasons to Choose Polyhistor for High-Volume Production Machining

high-volume production machining

Let Polyhistor advance your parts seamlessly from product development to production! 

We leverage our team’s engineering expertise to ensure cost-efficient Design for Manufacturing (DFM), top-quality machining services, and short lead times with on-time delivery.

High-Volume Production Machining at Polyhistor

As a product development and engineering design firm specializing in rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining, we define “high-volume” as any single order of 200+ parts or orders totaling 1,000+ parts per year.

The actual scope of production depends heavily on the project’s complexity. For this reason, we encourage every customer to talk with us in advance about their requirements so we can all get on the same page and guarantee total satisfaction. 

If you request a high-volume CNC machining order of, say, 2,000 parts, you may not need the full order immediately. But if you do, we’ll work closely with you to establish an appropriate delivery schedule, whether that means a one-time delivery of all 2,000 parts or staged deliveries of a few hundred parts per week.

Whatever your needs, we have the experience and capacity to get the job done right

How We Set You Up for Successful High-Volume Production Machining

Few manufacturers offer the balanced blend of engineering and manufacturing expertise that we embody here at Polyhistor. Here are five ways we maintain our stand-out status among customers. 

#1: We make complex custom fixtures in-house

One of the best ways to produce parts quickly and cost-effectively is to make as many parts as possible in a single setup. Fixturing solutions help shops achieve this goal. For optimum efficiency, we make our own fixtures right here in our shop—a service that could add weeks to your lead time if we had to outsource it. 

We further enhance our efficiency by making and loading multiple fixtures to minimize machine downtime and utilizing an automatic fixture detection system that assists in reducing operator errors.

These simple yet effective steps keep our high-volume production machining projects moving seamlessly!

#2: We achieve a high throughput 

Our workday covers two complete shifts, so there’s almost always a team operating on the shop floor. We also employ automated bar feeders to move parts through the machining process quickly. On some parts, we do have the capability to run lights-out production, for a full around-the-clock operation.

#3: We harbor a wealth of engineering expertise 

Polyhistor’s engineering capabilities inspire us to assess every new project with improvement in mind. We want to know: what DFM recommendations can we offer to streamline this project and reduce the overall cost to our customer?  

Case in point: we’ve been manufacturing a particular gauge since 2013—and we’re still discovering ways to optimize the process by studying the output of the two parts that comprise the product.

Because we believe we can always make a part better than it was, we never stop reviewing our processes for solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, repeatability, cost, and so much more.

#4: We use a CMM to ensure part accuracy and quality

Our Keyence CMM enables us to detect issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. With incredible speed, this CMM provides portable measuring and allows our team to generate First Article Inspection reports very quickly. We even include a project’s fixtures on our quality forms to provide full transparency into exactly how a part was made.

Thanks to our newly enhanced quality checks, our facility boasts an elevated quality record! 

#5: We’re integrating productivity solutions

Polyhistor is currently onboarding ProShop, an enterprise resource planning software designed specifically for manufacturers. With ProShop fully integrated, we’ll have total visibility into our shop schedule along with tools to manage our production resources at granular levels. 

We’re excited to establish advanced protocols for expanding our high-volume machining operations without compromising any of our high-value services!

Your Premier Machine Shop, Jacksonville and Beyond

Whether you’re our neighbor here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, or a trans-continental collaborator, Polyhistor can help bring your high-volume production machining project to life!

Reach out to our team and start a conversation, or dive right in and request a quote today.