Quick-Turn Precision Machining: How We Set You up for Success

If you were a fly on the wall at Polyhistor, you’d hear engineers and machinists on our team regularly discussing how to manufacture customers’ parts. 

These interactions may be commonplace at our shop, but in the manufacturing world at large, they’re somewhat of an anomaly. All too often, customers are left to act as the “middleman” between an engineering team and a CNC machine shop—a frustrating and time-consuming requirement that delays production and increases costs

Polyhistor’s in-house engineering capabilities allow you to focus on what you do best—no more “middleman” negotiations. As your expert solution finder, Polyhistor streamlines the precision machining process so you get the parts you need faster. 

Make Quick-Turn Precision Machining Faster than Ever

Shops with in-house engineering expertise are relatively rare—and truly priceless. When you reach out to Polyhistor with a precision machining request, engineering support is a default part of your experience.

Leave the engineering to the engineers

As a solutions-driven company, we believe our customers shouldn’t be forced into a middleman role between engineering and manufacturing. After all, unless you yourself are an engineer, you may not have the technical expertise required to make design recommendations and address issues regarding your part.

Whether you’ve enlisted our full lineup of product development services or requested straightforward machining services, we will always review your project with our engineering expertise at the forefront.

Collaboration, not competition

When you’re forced to navigate communication between engineering and manufacturing teams, problems become even harder to solve. Finger-pointing is common, which only slows down the production process and inhibits effective problem-solving.

Truthfully, manufacturing challenges often arise all on their own, with no individual party to blame. With manufacturers and engineers under one roof, Polyhistor is equipped to solve problems collaboratively, not competitively, ensuring that your parts get completed on time and at top quality—100% drama-free.

High-Quality Quick-Turn Parts Start Here

quick-turn machining

The Polyhistor team embraces a multi-step success assurance process that begins when you contact us for the very first time and extends until you have your parts in hand.

Easy online quoting

Start with our ITAR-compliant and completely secure online RFQ system. The easy-to-use interface walks you through each step to gather all the necessary information for an accurate quote. 

Provide contact details, upload 3D manufacturing files, attach 2D drawings, select your required delivery date, and add any other details to help our team make your premium-quality parts time and cost-efficiently.

Engineering review for every order

You don’t even need to ask: every part design is reviewed by an experienced Polyhistor engineer to catch omissions or inconsistencies. If our engineers identify a potential issue with tolerances, materials, processes, or any other aspect of your design, we quickly communicate our questions to you and help you make corrective decisions. 

Before your part design ever reaches our CNC machine shop division, you can rest assured that it has been reviewed and verified for optimal manufacturing success.

Dedicated quick-turn equipment

Piece by piece, Polyhistor is building out a dedicated precision machining workspace specifically for quick-turn parts. 

With equipment for production orders and quick-turn parts on our shop floor, we’re equipped to address both types of projects simultaneously, avoiding delays and maximizing machining flow. 

Cohesive, Comprehensive, and Communicative

Polyhistor is not only committed to delivering great services and parts but also intrinsically driven to improve manufacturing processes through cohesive documentation, comprehensive in-house service options, and streamlined communication—internally and externally.

A fractured process with “too many cooks in the kitchen” serves no one. Polyhistor’s integrated engineering support and manufacturing expertise enable helpful problem-solving and superior parts.

Experience the Polyhistor promise for yourself! Get a no-obligation quote.