Did You Know…? 5 Polyhistor Services That May Surprise You

We’re proud of our reputation for exceptional product development and engineering design. But did you know we also offer a tremendous range of in-house capabilities, from CNC machining to 3D printing to complete contract manufacturing services? 

Polyhistor can fulfill your project goals throughout every phase, from the design room to the production floor.

Did You Know about These 5 Polyhistor Services?

Polyhistor Services

Keep reading to discover five high-value manufacturing solutions most Polyhistor customers don’t even know we offer. Whether you’re still brainstorming your next big idea or gearing up for processes like CNC machining, Jacksonville, Florida, is where you’ll find the East Coast’s premier precision machine shop with comprehensive product development solutions!

1. You know we offer engineering. Did you know we also offer reverse engineering?

Polyhistor’s in-house engineers provide product design services that help small to medium-sized businesses transform big ideas into real-world products. When we collaborate prior to prototyping, we can help you create a design that achieves your end goals.

But what about when you already have a great product, and you just need to know how to make more of it? That’s where our reverse engineering team steps in to dismantle your product, analyze its function, measure its parts, and create an all-new 3D CAD model and drawings.

Polyhistor’s reverse engineers empower your business to reproduce parts on demand, establish documentation for all your parts and products, and avoid the production crises caused when critical parts vanish from the market.

2. You know we offer 3D printing. Did you know we also offer high-volume 3D printing?

Polyhistor’s in-house 3D printing experts leverage  SLA and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technologies to print prototypes, conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts.

But what if you need hundreds or thousands of 3D printed parts? That’s when our precision machine shop’s extensive production experience comes in handy. For any single order of 200+ parts or orders totaling 1,000+ parts annually, we’re equipped to provide high-volume 3D printing that’s fast and competitively priced.

Polyhistor’s high-volume 3D printing services deliver top-quality parts from a wide range of materials, including rigid, rubber-like, and clear plastics in layers as fine as 25 microns and high-performance thermoplastics such as ABS M30, Polycarbonate (PC), and ULTEM 9085.

3. You know we offer CNC turning. Did you know we also offer lights-out manufacturing for CNC turning?

We perform CNC turning services in-house on cutting-edge Haas machines equipped with live tooling, and bar-feeder allowing us to complete multiple operations in a single setup.

But what about when you need a large quantity of turned parts—and you need them fast? That’s when we’ll trigger our lights-out production capabilities and put your project on “priority mode!” 

Polyhistor’s lights-out CNC turning processes continue even after our daily two-shift schedules come to an end. Enjoy complete, ‘round-the-clock CNC turning services with high throughput and superior results.

4. You know we offer product development services. Did you know we also offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) services?

Polyhistor’s product development approach includes product design services that support your vision from your initial concept sketch to final delivery. Our one-stop precision machine shop has been helping high-tech innovators and product developers launch their products to market since 1999.

But what happens when you have a great idea but your design isn’t fully optimized for streamlined manufacturing and assembly? That’s when our engineers jump in with DFM and DFA guidance.

Polyhistor’s renowned product design services emphasize DFM and DFA to bridge the gap between what you can design in CAD software and what’s actually possible on the shop floor and in the assembly line.

5. You know we offer assembly services. Did you know we also offer wire harness design services?

Polyhistor helps you reclaim your time by providing in-house assembly services. We offer semi-permanent and permanent assembly solutions with full, partial, and sub-assembly options. Along with common hardware installation, adhesive bonding, welding, and mechanical assembly, our engineer-led precision machine shop provides electromechanical assembly services.

But we can’t build your electromechanical assembly unless you have a wire harness design! Here’s where our team joins your project and assists by developing a clear, effective layout for the assembly of cables and wires.

Polyhistor designs, builds, and tests electromechanical assemblies in-house with custom-made schematic diagrams, breadboards, printed circuit boards, and, when appropriate, program on platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The Perks of Partnering with Polyhistor

We’re a nationally recognized one-stop shop for projects as focused as individual prototypes and as comprehensive as design-to-delivery contract manufacturing.

With single-source oversight of your project from A to Z, you’ll benefit from significant time savings, consistently high quality, reduced costs, and personalized service. 

Our engineering-based approach to creative problem-solving makes us your perfect partner for identifying and resolving challenges. In fact, we have a knack for developing multiple solutions to any problem and quickly pivoting to new processes when needed. 

As an ITAR-registered, SolidWorks-certified manufacturer, we serve customers in industries as diverse as medical and exercise equipment, defense and aviation, lighting and signage, simulation and communication, and automotive and consumer products.

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