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A product development and engineering design firm with expertise in rapid prototyping/3D printing, low volume, and mass-production.

We are a product design and development company, bringing customers’ ideas to reality. Polyhistor uses a multitude of manufacturing methods in bringing products to market at a fast pace and at a low cost to our customers. For prototyping we are emphasizing on 3D printing, where we can 3D print large parts in Production Grade plastics, such as ABS, PC and ULTEM. We can also 3D print high resolution plastics for very intricate prototypes. All 3D printed on Professional Grade 3D printers. We also make prototypes using CNC Machining and other manufacurintg methods.

About Polyhistor International

Since the company’s inception in 1999, our customer base includes medical, defense, lighting, automotive, and consumer products. Polyhistor is a certified SolidWorks manufacturing partner, with full 3D design and manufacturing capabilities. In the forefront of design and development, we are always open to new opportunities and challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs for product development and manufacturing. Custom products are mainstream products to us.


  • • Product development
  • • Rapid prototyping
  • • 3D printing
  • • Design for manufacture
  • • Design for assembly
  • • Cost reduction
  • • Reverse engineering
  • • Product improvement
  • • Injection molding design
  • • Casting design
  • • Mechanism design
  • • Machine design
  • • 2D/3D CAD
  • • Photo renderings
  • • Mechanical analysis
  • • Manufacturing
  • • CNC machining
  • • Laser cutting
  • • Contract manufacturing
  • • Project management
  • • Defense contracting
  • • Sheet metal design
      and fabrication
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